MCP’s new Manager (and bride-to-be), Kirsten Hisatomi!

March 30th, 2010

In February, after receiving the 2010 “Bride’s Choice” award from Martha Stewart Weddings and Wedding Wire, Inc., we could not believe the huge number of inquiries we received. We heard not just from couples not just in the Pacific Northwest, but from New York, Florida, and California. We are honored to receive such an award, and feel lucky to know and be able to engage so many musicians all over the United States for weddings and similar events.

To be honest, I was also slightly overwhelmed! I have been running the both the business and the creative sides of Melegari alone since 2006. As I also have a fairly heavy performing schedule outside of MCP, the large influx of inquiries felt like too much to handle by myself. This led me to bring on a colleague and friend to help, the amazing Kirsten Hisatomi. Kirsten is a freelance violinist and violin teacher, and has also been the Personnel Manager of the Vancouver Symphony. “I loved that job, because not only did I get to meet so many other musicians who shared my passion for music, I also got the opportunity to see an arts organization from the management’s side. I learned all the various aspects of putting on concerts, lining up jobs and events for ensembles to play with, scheduling and producing, etc..”

Last fall, Kirsten got engaged! Kirsten and Joe met over 20 years ago when she was 18, and they were both managers at a Zupans Market. They drifted apart for nearly 20 years when Kirsten went away to school,  but reconnected last year – on facebook! One thing lead to another, and they are getting married in June. Congratulations, you guys!

Kirsten and Joe

As a violinist herself, Kirsten understands how musicians think and operate when it comes to performing at various events, especially weddings. As a bride-to-be, she is finding it interesting to experience first-hand what people go through in the process of hiring musicians and choosing the music for their wedding ceremony. She is feeling lucky that her best friends in the world are musicians! “It is really giving me perspective to be planning my wedding and to be on the other side of things. I can relate better to our clients. I want to give them as smooth of an experience as I want mine to be with all of my vendors.”

Welcome, Kirsten!


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  1. Kirsten Says:

    What a great post!
    Thanks for sharing our story.
    Hugs –
    ps – the website looks awesome! 🙂

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