Melegari Ensembles

String Quartet:

Two violins, viola, and cello perform in a wide variety of musical styles. This group is the most effective and versatile, with an extensive repertoire and full vibrant sound. Sometimes a flute is substituted for one of the violins.

Brass Quintet:

The regal elegance of brass music is ideal for wedding ceremonies, commencements, dedications, or other occasions of grandeur and pomp. This unique group provides a range of lush sounds and styles, from baroque and renaissance music, classics, fanfares, marches and dixieland.

String Trio:

Two violins and cello; or violin, viola and cello. This group is very popular, especially for smaller weddings. It is not quite as loud as the string quartet, but has an extensive repertoire and is better suited for a modest budget and limited space.

Flute Trio:

Flute, violin and cello; similar to the string trio, with the added touch of the flute sound. Other: adding a trumpet or vocalist to a string ensemble can produce a beautiful effect if used sparingly.

String Duo:

Two violins; or violin and cello. This is a very intimate ensemble which can create a beautiful atmosphere, but has limited volume. Excellent for smaller events and spaces.

Flute and harp:

This group has a lovely, lyrical sound especially nice in an intimate setting.


Whether accompanying a vocal or instrumental group or simply on its own, the piano is the most versatile of instruments.


It is special to have a singer sing a song that means a lot to you and your family at your wedding or anniversary party.

To hear more examples of some of these groups, please visit our Repertoire page.

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